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Events planned : The Grand Parade   ||   The Winning Spirit   ||   Tough Competition   ||   We shall Overcome   ||   The Tough Competitor   ||   With all Might   ||   The Karatekars   ||   Team Spirit   ||   Striving to Win   ||   Sport Stars   ||   Mothers Tug of War   ||   Fathers too have it...   ||   Running with Sportsmanship   ||   Run Run Run....   ||   Overcoming the Hurdles   ||   Obstacles don't Stop us   ||   Nothing can Deter us   ||   Not an Easy Road   ||   Let's win...   ||   Hurdles are a part of Life   ||   All are Welcome   ||   Energetic Performance   ||   Going Ethnic   ||   Graceful Moves   ||   Having Fun in Groups   ||   Matching the Steps and Clothes as Well   ||   Together we Sway   ||   My Motherland , My Pride   ||   Patriotic Vibes   ||   Tricolour in their Hearts   ||   Unity in Diversity   ||   Young Patriots   ||   Young, Energetic Blood...   ||   The Student Council   ||   Moments of Silence   ||   Taadaasan   ||   Health through Yoga   ||   Taking the Oath   ||   Taking the Onus   ||   General Council   ||   The Leaders...!!!   ||   The Torch Bearers...!!!   ||   Yoga for good health....!!!   ||   The Winning Spree.....!!!   ||   Winners take Pride....!!!   ||   Maroon all the way...!!!   ||   Using all their Energy..!!!   ||   Kids get it from their Parents...!!!   ||   Passing the Baton....!!!   ||   With all might, run to win....!!!   ||   The mesmerising Nirma Band...!!!   ||   Crossing the Hurdles...!!!   ||   Karate kids at their best...!!!   ||   The Balancing Act....!!!   ||   Let the best one win...!!!   ||   Running to win....!!!   ||   Seeking divine blessings...   ||   The colourful fair affair....!!!   ||   The girls at their best....   ||   The mingling of colours....goff dance!!!   ||   The religious aspect.....   ||   The rich literature of Gujarat....   ||   The village life...   ||   Tribals celebrate.....   ||   Maa Saraswati ...   ||   The Ram darbaar....   ||   The stories we have grown up with......   ||   The story of Hanumaan....   ||   Making merry in the jungle...   ||   Some stunts make it fun....   ||   The colourful extravaganza....   ||   The colourful extravaganza....   ||   Eat and be merry....   ||   Expressions galore....   ||   Practice makes us perfect....   ||   Inspired by Father of the Nation   ||   Nukkad Natak   ||   United We Stand   ||   Spirit of Patriotism   ||   Singing for the Nation   ||   Investiture Ceremony   ||   Class Performance V-B   ||   Class Performance V-A   ||   Lemon and Spoon Race   ||   Leading the Future   ||   Walking With Heads Held High   ||   The Walk of Pride   ||   Inspiring Words   ||   Entering Into a New Phase   ||   Feeling of Pride   ||   The Little Graduates   ||   Carrying The light of Knowledge   ||   The Guiding Light   ||   Seeking Divine Blessings   ||   Inspirational words   ||   Maintaining the decorum   ||   The Champs   ||   Crossing the obstacles   ||   Hurdles are a part of life too   ||   Race against time   ||   Sweating it out   ||   Girls are no less   ||   Young Yoga aspirants   ||   Picking up the cones   ||   Getting ready for the relay   ||   Obstacles...a part of life   ||   Partners at work   ||   Sacred Aarti   ||   Mumbai thi gaadi aavi   ||   Mothers and daughters   ||   Match the steps   ||   Graceful moves   ||   Giving the best   ||   Garba with friends   ||   Full of energy   ||   The Macarena   ||   Swaying along   ||   Ready to seek blessings   ||   Maa Durga bless us   ||   Lets match the steps   ||   Go Traditional   ||   Fusion attires   ||   Full of energy   ||   Colourful as ever   ||   Boys do garba too   ||   Seeking the Divine Blessings   ||   Having a gala time   ||   Cute little ones   ||   Boys can do it too   ||   Sacred Arti   ||   Matching the steps   ||   Lets have fun   ||   Colourful attires   ||   All smiles for the camera   ||   In the footsteps of Bapu.....!!!   ||   Gopis having fun together....   ||   Hum hain Hindustani....!!!   ||   Patriotism in the air....!!!   ||   National Anthem for the Special...   ||   The famous Dahi-handi...   ||   Taking care of each other....!!!   ||   The bond of love and care...   ||   The tiny tots celebrating togethetr....!!!   ||   The Student Council, Chharodi   ||   The Student Council. Bodakdev   ||   3rd International Day of Yoga   ||   A Joint Effort on Yoga day...   ||   Bhujangasana   ||   Suryanamaskar   ||   Guru Purnima Celebration   ||   The Valedictorian Oath   ||   Blessings to the Head Boy   ||   Blessings to the Head Girl   ||   Blessings galore to our sports star   ||   Unforgettable days   ||   Best wishes for a bright future   ||   Teachers will miss you too   ||   Parting is tough   ||   Juniors too bid farewell to their seniors.jpg   ||   The class of 2016-17   ||   Spreading the light of knowledge   ||   Ready to takeover the world   ||   Seeking divine blessings   ||   The future gentlemen   ||   We will miss this Camaraderie   ||   Here we come to rock the world   ||   The Sacred Lamp....   ||   The Mughal Court....   ||   The Green Brigade...   ||   Robotic Dance.....   ||   Nukkad natak...   ||   Nawab of Lucknow...   ||   Mera Bharat Mahaan....   ||   Evolution of Man....   ||   Devotional Song and dance....   ||   Bihu from Assam....   ||   Ancient fables....   ||   The stone age...   ||   The Mobile age.....   ||   Slaves to technology...   ||   Perfect Coordination   ||   Old is Gold.....   ||   Dancing happily....   ||   Contemprary dance...   ||   Boys can dance too...   ||   Blessings from above....   ||   Sri Ganeshaay Namah....   ||   Save our Earth....   ||   Our past...   ||   Mharo Rangeelo Rajasthan...   ||   Matching the difficult steps...   ||   Lessons from Teacher....   ||   Konkani dance....   ||   India progressing...   ||   Garvi Gujarat...   ||   Confident Anchors...   ||   The Enthusiastic lot....   ||   Save the Girl Child...   ||   Glittering as Gold....   ||   Girls are Angels....   ||   Ganpati Bappa Morya.....   ||   Fusion of kathak and contemprary!   ||   Cute little faces....   ||   Twinkling Stars...   ||   The latest style.....   ||   Enthusiastic revellers....

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In 1916, who founded Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi ?

Madan Mohan Malaviya
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The Grand Parade
The Winning Spirit
Tough Competition
We shall Overcome
The Tough Competitor
With all Might
The Karatekars
Team Spirit
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Young Achievers

Under-17 Boys team of Football had participated in Subroto Cup Tournament and they secured 2nd Position at District level.
Under-17 Girls team of Basketball secured 2nd Position at District level in Khel Mahakumbh.
Gujarat State Sub-Junior Basketball Championship
All India AITA National Ranking Tennis Tournament and he won the championship in U-12 Singles Boys category
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