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Eyes With Dreams

Future Stars

Guiding Light for Them

Proud of Their Acheivements

Word of Encouragement

Guiding Light to be Taken around the World

Passing on the Baton

The Grand Parade

Sport Stars

Running with Sportsmanship

Striving to Win

The Winning Spirit

Tough Competition

With all Might

Nothing can Deter us

Run Run Run....

Fathers too have it...

Not an Easy Road

Let's win...

Overcoming the Hurdles

Team Spirit

The Karatekars

Mothers Tug of War

Hurdles are a part of Life

Colours of the Festive Season

Doing the Macarena

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Lovely Coordination

Swirling Around with Friends

The Energetic Little Dancers

When we Try to Match the Steps

We Love Our India
We Love Our India
Tiny Patriots
Tiny Patriots
The Bond of Love and Care
The Bond of Love and Care
Festivities Galore....

Its all about flexibility

Making Yoga a Way of Life

Surya Namaskar


Teachers need it too

The Student Council

Oath of Office

The Leaders...!!!

The Torch Bearers...!!!

We shall Overcome...!!!

Maroon all the way...!!!

We shall Overcome...!!!

Passing on the Baton...!!!

Nothing can stop us....!!!

Clearing the Obstacles...!!!

The Spirit of Nirma.....!!!

The Proud Winners...!!!

The mesmerising Nirma Band...!!!

The inspiring winners...!!!

The esteemed guests....

Mijaj Amdavadi....

Pink and Blue have their favourites...

Seeking blessings from Maa Saraswati...

The Hudo and the Raas....

The legend of Manek baba...

The Sindhi people, full of fun.....

The spirit of enjoying life....

The story of Chaaran Kanya....

Tippani dance...

Tribal stunts are astonishing....

Village life is colourful....

Remembering the Sacrifices

The Spirit of Independence

Saluting the Nation

The Little Patriot

Words that Inspire

Enthusiasm at its Best

Finger Printing Activity

Keeping the Earth Green by Planting Trees

Welcome to School

Sports Day

Save the Earth

Sarawati Vandana @Nirmotsav

The Little Graduates

Proud to Graduate to Primary

Little Yoga Enthusiasts

Surya Namaskar

The elected Office Bearers

Voting for the Student Council

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